Grow Your Business with YouTube

Grow Your Business with YouTube

Grow your brand & get more customers with real-world YouTube video marketing techniques: YouTube Ads, funnels, SEO+

KEAK & IFF | 4 Hours Practise | Unique Unit

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What you'll learn
Grow your own business & brand with YouTube
Learn real-world marketing funnels that can be set up with YouTube
Increase your revenue & get more customers with YouTube
Optimize your YouTube channel to get more views and conversions
Create YouTube Ad campaigns to promote your brand & products
Retarget your website visitors with YouTube ads
Place your video ads on competitor's YouTube channels or specific videos
Make better videos with bonus video production lessons


You are here because you want to use YouTube to grow your business or brand!

With modern Video Marketing techniques, you can find new customers, boost your conversions, and ultimately increase your revenue.

In this YouTube Marketing course, you will learn everything to get started!

What will you learn in this YouTube course?

-How video marketing works on YouTube

-6 ways to create a marketing funnel with YouTube

-Optimize your YouTube channel and videos for views & conversions

-Learn the types of videos you should create for your audience

-Create YouTube ads to promote your brand

-Retarget your own website visitors with your YouTube ads

-Place your YouTube ads on your competitor's channels & videos

-Starting your own YouTube channel

-How to do YouTube keyword research

-Grow your channel with YouTube analytics

-How to make better videos

Course Modules:
Intro to YouTube
YouTube Marketing Funnels
Optimize your Videos
Start with Premium Content
Make better & response Videos
SEO YouTube